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Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom in your home is your personal space and we are able to help you custom and design this area according to your exact requirements. We strive to get it right in a way that makes you feel comfortable. They are a place where we spend a lot of our time, so the correct amount of attention and detail should be given over to developing, designing or planning out the perfect bathroom. Much like a kitchen one should always consider whether or not to move the plumbing as this will affect the overall look and feel of the renovation. We will always discuss with you whether it is better to work with what you have and make sure you maximize that space, or whether it is best to completely redo a bathroom when renovating.

This is one of the areas where it is important to spend time with our clients to make sure this is planned properly, so we can achieve the desired look & atmosphere within your budget. Whether it’s the layout, the types of finishings to be used, the ambiance or whether to keep the bath or not, all of this needs to be taken into account before any renovations are done. Materials that are easily cleanable and long wearing should also be strongly considered when one is planning a new bathroom extension.

Being Water Wise & Recycling Water

With the current water crisis that Cape Town is experiencing, one needs to consider what is the best way to plan around this. How do we go about installing & using greywater systems in a bathroom, or at least planning ahead for the grey water systems to be implemented. A shower is a fantastic source of excess grey water. It is always easier to incorporate a system like this at the initial renovation or extension stage than to have to go back and redo it at a later stage. A grey water system will always be useful even when the water crisis has resolved itself, and it is these types of value added considerations we will offer you as the changes to your bathroom are planned out.

Planning a Bathroom Renovation

With a bathroom it is important to coordinate your finishes with the planned fitted furniture and cabinets, so we help you plan from the beginning to to ensure your bathroom extension meets the vision you bring. Options such as wall mounted cabinets provided a bathroom with more space. At the onset it is important to decide what the bathroom’s main function is, will it be a family space, a guest bathroom, or will it be a personal space for unwinding and relaxing? Lighting in the bathroom is also a very important element to take into consideration as it will affect the mood, it may also be worthwhile considering installing a dimmer. Mirrors can also be installed to create the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

Final Thoughts on Bathrooms

Something as simple as insufficient water pressure or incorrect placement of a towel rack can make for an unrewarding experience in your bathroom.

  • What type of shower head are you planning on using?
  • Is the shower open plan or a contained unit?
  • What type of bath do you want, is it free standing, clawed, a pedestal bath,a recessed bath, an alcove bath or a drop-in bath?

All these options have an impact on the overall feel of a bathroom. What will the walls and floor be covered in, there are many modern materials that are perfectly suited for use in a bathroom. This means you don’t have to just finish your renovated bathroom with tiles. The type of luxury finishing is also very important to consider, do you want heated towel racks or items such as dehumidifier lamps. At this point it is easy to see how vital the importance is of properly planning out a bathroom. You can trust that Epic Construction will get it right the first time because that’s what experts do.