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Entertainment & Patio Extensions

Entertainment and patio areas are a very special place in a house, straddling that elusive divide between the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home. Getting that balance perfect requires a very subtle touch that only comes with experience and dedication. We work very hard with our clients to ensure that this space is used in a way that compliments your home and that the extension to this dynamic element of the house becomes the social space you envision.

These areas, by their nature, are dynamic and versatile spaces. They often fulfill a number of functions and often have to be adaptable to a number of situations. As a result of this, careful preparation must be taken into account when planning out the space and that’s where our expertise can make the difference between an addon versus a beautiful extension you can be proud of. At Epic Construction we have many years of experience in building patio and entertainment areas all across the Western Cape. As a result, our team is well-versed in the unexpected needs that may arise when planning out such a dynamic space. We will advise on, as well as implement, any measures necessary to make sure these expansions or renovations answer those needs.

Entertainment Extensions

Whether it be a Jet-Master, open braai, gas braai or indoor braai, Epic Construction has your needs covered. We also offer a wide range of finishes for the installed braai or fire place, including the very in-mode and stunning bamboo finishes that we have become famous for. There’s something primal about a fire that seems to unite us all. There’s nothing more comforting than sitting around the fireplace, having a braai with your friends whilst enjoying good times in a newly renovated entertainment area of your own.

Patio Extensions

Adding a patio extension to one’s house is a very effective way to increase living space in the home. We all love our amazing South African weather, and with careful planning and forethought help our clients create a beautiful patio that takes this into account. With the correct use of enclosure methods and materials, indoor & outdoor spaces do not have to be a hard separations, this has the advantage of being usable throughout the year and becomes the ideal space to add a braai or fireplace. This then becomes a key element to the entertainment and patio renovation, this focal point serves to unite space and tradition, as well as providing utility and practicality to your home extension.

Build Around Your Social Needs

We strongly believe in walking through the entire process of extending patio & entertainment areas with our clients. We do this so we can understand, just like you do, what the expectations are of such a personal project? We appreciate how each of your home’s individual spaces flow into one another and value the language of your house so that we can maximize upon that.

How can the kitchen complement the living room, how is the living room extended into an entertainment area? What is the most optimal use of space in the bathrooms and which fixtures and materials can be used to accentuate these spaces? Are there any issues on site that may pose a problem when developing the new renovations, what certificates need to be in place first? What are our client’s needs and what is the best way for us to fulfill these needs with our passion, skill set and experience?

These are the types of questions we ask during our planning phase, and we listen to your comments because the end product is all about creating something that is personal, comfortable and relatable. Our personalised approach will leave you satisfied with your choice to extend your entertainment area and enjoy it all the more in the years to come.