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Kitchen Renovations

The true heart of the home, and any renovation to a kitchen should reflect that. With our wealth of experience, you can transform your kitchen from ordinary to spectacular. There are many decisions to take into account when redoing your kitchen, from your choice in styling and finishes to whether you prefer a modern or classic feel. We offer a range of finishes and fittings to match your needs, and can provide a wealth of knowledge that will get you the most out of your ideas.

It is important to take your time and get expert advice when making these decisions, our expertise and years of experience are always available to you. We have installed, renovated and extended numerous kitchens and as a result understand the many shortcomings and pitfalls that should be avoided when rebuilding a kitchen. It is our philosophy to help our clients realise their dream kitchen, matching all materials and finishings to their personality, in the most efficient and complimentary way possible.

Change the Plumbing

One of the most critical things to take into consideration when redoing your Kitchen is whether or not to move your plumbing. It’s why we try so hard to help our clients through the design and planning phases of their new kitchens, as many of these decisions, without professional advice, can have a lasting impact on the final renovation and we want to make sure it reflects what you imagined. Your final vision is discussed in detail to help bring your imagined ideas to life. At Epic Construction, professional advice is offered as to what is the best way to maximize your kitchen layout is, while still listening to, and taking into consideration, your dreams. We will assist you at every step of the way, making sure you are getting the most value for money. You will never feel left on your own, we respect that this is your dream home and will do everything we can to make sure it is made a reality.

The Working Space

The most important space to consider in any kitchen is the working triangle. When planning your kitchen renovation, we help you imagine how the design will affect the workflow within your newly renovated space. It is paramount that one keeps the relationship between the sink, stove and fridge in mind, as this forms the basis of your working triangle. It keeps the space functional and allows you to easily move around the kitchen. This is regardless of whether you have a kitchen island or a traditional L-shaped kitchen, and especially pertinent if you are very active within your kitchen and enjoy preparing meals. We will work with you to make sure that this fundamental relationship is maintained, and that it becomes the cornerstone to the “heart of the home”.

Other Kitchen Renovation Considerations

Kitchens and Bathrooms are the two areas of a home that are the most affected by one’s choice in finishing. There are many choices to consider when planning to consider:

  • What type of design and size of tile do you want for your new bathroom or kitchen?
  • Do you want to put new cupboards in.
  • Will you go for a plain high gloss finish.
  • Do you want solid wood or will you refurbish the cupboards that you already have?
  • Do you want to have marble tops, vicostone, compressed quartz, stainless steel, wood, granite?
  • Do you want copper, stainless steel & Mirror or smoked glass backsplash?

All these factors have a marked impact on the final outcome of your new kitchen’s character. As well as affecting the cost that it will take to complete your new kitchen renovation. These decisions are incredibly important as they will have a long-term impact, as well as consolidating the outcome of your kitchen. This can often seem overwhelming to a lot of people, considering the importance of this space, being central to most homes. You are not alone, we are always here ready to help and let you know what the best options are available to you.