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Renovations & Extensions

Epic Construction is a family owned construction & renovation company based in Table View, and has been servicing the Western Cape area for over 15 Years. Whether you are renovating your house or doing home improvements, we understand that it can be a highly challenging time. It’s why we work with you every step of the way to ensure there is minimal disruption to your life and that the process of altering or expanding your home is as stress free as possible. We pride ourselves on creatively maximising the available space for the construction, renovations or extensions.

Our company ethos means we adhere strictly to the project’s cost and keep our work spaces clean. There are many elements to take into consideration after you have made that important decision to modify your home. From the plotting and planning of your home extensions to the various certifications required, there is no greater expression of our passion than to walk hand in hand with our clients through this journey. We will provide vision and design expertise and offer our advice on current plans and make sure you get the most efficient use of your plan. Our greatest love is helping people expand their houses while bringing them closer to their dream home.

We leverage every ounce of our experience to ensure your planned modifications are completed quickly and meet the standards that our clients have come to expect from us over the years. Be it using our relationships with local municipalities to streamline the compliance procedure for your house renovations or making sure your current plans are making the most effective use of your budget.

Epic Construction, strives to ensure a smooth and pain free process for you and your family. We are very proud of our “no comeback rate” and believe it stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, integrity and our outstanding level of service.

Choose your Building Contractor Wisely

There are a number of things to take into consideration when looking for a contractor.

  • The number of projects that the contractor has completed successfully?
  • Whether the contractor has their own insurance?
  • Has the contractor completed similar projects to the one you have tasked them with doing?
  • What is their site management like, do they keep their work spaces clean?
  • Are they respectful of the environment they’re working in?
  • Is their scheduling clearly outlined and defined?
  • Do they offer any warranties on their work?

We consider these above points mandatory business practice and incorporate all of these elements into our workflow. It is of utmost importance to us that all of our clients have peace of mind when implementing these changes and modifications to their homes.

The Next Step to Improving your Home

To make your journey as easy and unobtrusive as possible, we give you one quote with all the details you will need to make an informed decision. This is to make it as easy and convenient for you as possible, while saving you time and effort. We work with qualified industry experts and we expect the same level of professionalism from any of our suppliers and contractors that we expect from ourselves.

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing the smiles on our clients faces when they walk into their newly renovated home. It is an empowering feeling to help someone realise their dreams, and to give that dream shape and form.

Throughout our site you will see that we reiterate the importance of planning right from the start of your renovation project. The motto of “measure twice and cut once” has rung true through every project we have ever done.

If you have any questions about how we can help you, feel free to contact us at any time. We would be happy to discuss what we can do to help you implement your plans or project.